Hotel "Sport" - cheap hotel in Minsk

Hotel "Sport" is a budget hotel for practical people who plan their budget correctly!

Hotel "Sport" is located in the heart of the capital, near the historic center, near health and entertainment clubs. The atmosphere of the hotel will envelop you in home comfort, freshness and cleanliness!

Hotel "Sport" - your optimal choice!




The atmosphere of the hotel covers you with hospitability, comfort, freshness and cleanness!
In 71 rooms of the most diverse category, you can accommodate several large groups of tourists or guests visiting Minsk at once!

The availability of rooms from "Economy" to "Lux" gives an opportunity to please any financial possibilities and all requests to the level of comfort.
"Hostel" rooms will make ideal rest both for athletes, and for volunteers! For living in these rooms free
Bonus - a recreation room with the possibility of cooking lunch!


  • Daily cleaning

    The service is free.
    Сleaning is done daily or at the request of the guest.
    Change of bed linen - 1 time in 6 days, replacement of towels - 1 time in 3 days!

  • WI-FI

    The service is free.
    Free high-speed Internet in all rooms.
    Please ask an administrator on duty.

  • TV

    The service is free.
    Deluxe, Premium and Prestige rooms - rooms with improved comfort - are equipped with modern flat screen televisions and connected to digital TV.
    For guests living in Economy class, TV is located in the room №304.

  • Telephone

    In the rooms of the categories "Deluxe", "Premium" and "Prestige" held a telephone connection.

    Calls around Minsk are free.

    For long-distance telephone calls, contact the duty administrator.

  • Wake-up call

    The service is free.
    Need to ask the duty maid.

  • Electric kettle and fridge

    The service is free.

    All rooms except the four bed room and six-bedded equipped with electric kettles.

    Living in this category of rooms you can use an electric kettle and a refrigerator ask the maid upon request.

  • Ironing board and iron

    The service is free.
    You can use the maid on request.

  • Leisure activities

    The service is free.
    Our guest can independently purchase a ticket for a concert or performance according to the interests on the website of the hotel using the "Affiche" link.
    Ticket prices are listed on this site. You can book a tour of the city or its surroundings through the administrator on duty.
    The cost of the tour is agreed with the travel agency.

  • Catering (Paid Service)

    On the first floor of the hotel there is a cozy cafe "City M",where you can pre-order a group (from 10 people) breakfast or lunch on an individual menu and budget prices!

    Time, cost and menu are coordinated by phone +375 44 776 84 96 or through the administrator on duty.

  • Food delivery in the room (Paid Service)

    You can order a pizza or a light breakfast (dinner) in your room through Pizza Tempo at a short number 7773 or +375 17 292 11 11.
    The time of receiving the order: Sun.-Th.- from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fri.-Sub.- from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.
    Specify the cost when ordering.

  • Parking cars (Paid Service)

    The hotel is equipped with a guarded parking lot for cars, which guests can use.

    Check the cost with the checkpoint controller.

  • Transfer from / to the airport (Paid Service)

    The order of the service "Transfer from the airport" can be ordered by phone when booking the room.
    The order of the service "Transfer to the airport" is made at the reception.
    Transfer is carried out by an experienced driver of the highest or first category.
    The cost is pre-clarified.

  • Taxi call (Free Service)

    For car trips around the city, guests can take a taxi.
    To use this service, contact your duty administrator. Specify the cost before the trip.
    Transfer is carried out by an experienced driver of the highest or first category.