Hotel "Sport"

Hotel "Sport" is a budget hotel for practical people who plan their budget correctly!

Hotel "Sport" is located in the heart of the capital, near the historic center, near health and entertainment clubs. The atmosphere of the hotel will envelop you in home comfort, freshness and cleanliness!

Hotel "Sport" - your optimal choice!

Special offers

Special offers

We help you save your money and therefore have developed a flexible system of discounts.

The Sport Hotel is a choice of practical people who know how to properly manage their incomes: stay for the night in the city center for a small fee, and spend most of your budget on excursions and entertainment!


Сhampion’s Breakfast! 10% discount! Special menus!

There is a cozy cafe "CITY M" on the ground floor of the hotel.

The cafe welcomes guests with a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The decor of the cafe is designed in the style of Provence.

The design uses rough surfaces, roughly plastered walls, textiles and plants.

The cafe entertains guests with DJ music in the lounge style.


Home hairdresser!

In the building of Hotel "Sport" opened a hairdressing salon!

Entrance from the endface of the building.

For residents of the Sport Hotel discount on all types of services 10%!

"Home hairdresser" is waiting for you!